Zambia to set up a wind energy plant


The government of Zambia is set to enhance electricity supply in the Eastern province through setting up a wind energy plant in Katete district.

Katetet District Council Chairperson, Jeremiah Mawere confirmed the reports and said that implementation of the project, will create a new source for energy generation, an electricity grid infrastructure close to consumers in the district, thus creating electric power supply stability.

Impact assessment

Mr. Jeremiah Mawere further added that the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is carrying out an impact assessment on the area apportioned for the plant.“ Mpepo wind energy, the company in charge of setting up the plant, will be harvesting wind thereafter, produce electricity. The identified area for the plant is in Chief Mbang’ombe’s area,” he said.

The plant will not just enhance electricity supply but will also create employment and increase economic activities in the district. In addition, natural gas used for the production of electricity will be saved and harmful emissions to the atmosphere will be reduced.

“Wind Energy Plant which is a renewable source of energy will be a means of adapting and reinventing the district from the harsh impact of climate change,” said Jeremiah Mawere.

Luka Njobvu, resident in Katete district, applauded the efforts made by the government adding that the plant will also reduce load shedding and also propel development in the district, as energy is a catalyst of developmental activities.

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