About AI

Africa investor (Ai) is Africa’s leading investment holdings platform, focusing on connecting institutional investors with investment opportunities across various sectors in Africa. At Ai, our interns work together with our on the ground teams managing a variety of innovative product and technical offerings Ai provides the Pan-African investment community with. Powered through artificial intelligence, all of Ai’s products and platforms ensure that our community members remain informed and in front of economic and market information, enabling informed decisions, resulting in transactional results.

What Is The AI Volunteer Internship Programme?

Africa Investor is introducing an exclusive exciting Volunteer opportunity for 12 Months (1 year), designed for students  to experience first-hand exposure to work on exciting programmes with large companies in the Continent such as World Bank, African Development Bank, and Nepad who are all partners in this programme. We are working with Academic Institutions that have a reputation & pedigree to identify the best Category.

All our volunteers / interns are vital to ensuring that our “engine room”, the very center of our organization is continuously engaged with the markets latest information.  This is often through assisting the teams with extensive desktop research and the relevant area of knowledge you have recently obtained at university or college.

Since 2002, Ai has been leading the continent with niche events, specifically targeted to the investment community leaders.  To this extent, we are always on the scout for helping hands to participate in delegate sales, management and conference admin assistance on an-ongoing annual basis.

How Do I Apply?

Being part of something has never been this easy! All you need to do when filling in your volunteer / intern application is elaborate on your area of interest, your geographical location, your qualification as well as what your career aspirations are, the rest is left for us! We try our best to ensure that we give you that exposure requested, after all growing your opportunities helps grow us, and in turn helps improve our continents rise on skills empowerment and economic upliftment! That’s what we’re all about!

Selection Criteria

We consider your country/region and area of expertise or qualification to ensure each entity within the Ai Group has diverse representation. If your qualifications and interests fit the position specifications, we will reach out to you to provide more details when roles are available.

Let us be your guide, towards unlocking your career potential!

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be part of our team! If you are on your academic journey or qualified and possess a passion to learn, enthusiastic and committed, then we are looking for someone like you! See below on how to get started!

This Exclusive Opportunity is Limited to 5 Candidates per Project

Step 1: Complete the online registration form for submission

Please ensure you are very specific with regards to your qualification, the modules learnt on subjects as well as whether you are in progress or already qualified.

Step 2: Ensure to follow us on all our social media channels, so you instantly aware of any new opportunities.



AfricaPLC – Globalizing Africa E-Trade: Bringing African Trade to the world and the world to African Trade

AfricaPLC is an innovative, cost-effective electronic marketplace platform that assists businesses seeking to access continental trade to successfully generate and execute business across Africa.  It hosts and facilitates a community of vetted corporate and SME buyers and sellers to transact with each other and compare prices, products and services.

Ai PLC is offering an exciting Volunteer Research Program for trade students with the opportunity for training and work experience that will be valid for 12 months.

Skillsets beneficial research project include:

  • Market researcher Scholars
  • Trade Analyst Scholars
  • Economic students
  • Students in healthcare and pharmaceutical

Stipend: Negotiable

Ai AssetX – Africa’s leading infrastructure co-investment platform

AiAssetX is Africa investors’ online marketplace, designed to profile project and infrastructure investment opportunities and securely connect accredited domestic and international asset owners and institutional infrastructure investors with infrastructure project developers and infrastructure fund and investment managers working in Africa.Find out how you can invest in the abundant investment hub, Africa!

Ai AssetX is offering an exciting Volunteer Research Program for students with the opportunity for training and work experience that will be valid for 12 months.

Skillsets beneficial research project include:

  • Project Finance Analyst
  • Financial Modeling Students
  • Infrastructure Corporate Finance Analyst

Stipend: Negotiable

Ai Analytix – Africa’s leading infrastructure co-investment platform

Ai Analytix is a artificial intelligence system that provides comprehensive company analysis including on-demand fundamental research, portfolio evaluation, and screening tools on every listed company in Africa – over 1,000 African equities.

Skillsets beneficial research project include:

  • Economic scholars
  • Capital market scholars

Stipend: Negotiable

Innovation Centre Opportunities

Africa investor, through our innovation hub is continuously exploring new ways in which we communicate market messages to our audiences through motion picture, infographics and design.  We welcome any intern looking to use their skills in multimedia design and content generation to help us stay engaged with our audiences.

Skillsets beneficial to our innovation hub include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Web coders
  • Animation school scholars
  • Motion picture scholars
  • Content curators or copywriting scholars

    Interested in volunteering for the following subcommittee(s):

    Submit your current CV to  a and include your interests and any areas of expertise to help us match you with future opportunities at Africa Investor.

    We encourage you to keep your profile up-to-date and resubmit this form and an updated CV as your experience grows or interests change.

    Contact Us :  (0)11 783 2431

    Africa investor (AI)                @africainvestor

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