The Ai African Water Investment Platform (AWIP)

The African Water Investment Platform (AWIP), is an investment platform investing primarily in regulated water and waste water utilities and long-term concessions, bulk water resource development, storage and transmission assets, and industrial water and waste water treatment infrastructure (“Water Investments”) in Africa. WAM Africa, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“WAM) and Africa investor Holdings Limited, a Seychelles (“Ai”) serve

as the general partner of the platform (together WAM and Ai shall be referred to as the “General Partner”).

AWIP’s investment objective is to achieve an attractive return on invested capital with low correlation to other assets by investing in Water Infrastructure Investments in Africa. The platforms capital is invested diversely among investments Municipal Systems, Regulated Assets, Industrial Projects, and Water Resource Development located in Africa.

AWIP’s mission is to generate long duration, highly visible, inflation protected cash flows, while implementing best practices and state of the art water infrastructure to provide reliable water and water services on the African Continent.

AWIP also seeks to identify and implement state of the art water related technologies throughout its portfolio of water infrastructure to enhance water quality, increase operational transparency, enable fair and transparent volumetric billing services, provide data and analytics, and improve operating efficiency.

The AWIP team brings unparalled experience as an equity investor focused exclusively in investment in the global water and water infrastructure sector.

AWIP’s global platform currently manages ~ $700 million of AUM for Sovereign Wealth, Pension and endowments and also led the $500 million “take private” acquisition of U.S. based investor-owned water utility SouthWest Water serving ~1 million customers; one of only a few U.S. water investor-owned utility acquisitions in last 15 years.

AWIP has investment and operational experience in each aspect of water-related infrastructure, including:

  • Regulated investor-owned water utility operations
  • Investor-owned water utility acquisitions
  • Municipal water infrastructure privatization
  • Water infrastructure regulation
  • Private equity infrastructure asset management
  • Private equity infrastructure portfolio construction
  • Water resource development
  • Water-related technology adoption and implementation
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