Ai Capital is the investment and financing arm of Africa investor (Ai) Group, one of the most in influential international investment banking advisory groups focused on the African continent.


Transforming Infrastructure Development in Africa

Ai Capital views infrastructure project costs on a life cycle basis. Using this approach, we are able to ensure that the lifetime project costs are as low as possible. Our experience in infrastructure nance, design, construction, operations and maintenance enables us to optimise the various components in order to structure projects at the lowest cost. Our team of expert financial modellers assess various scenarios and options and advises the project team on the financial impact of technical specifications.

Due Diligence and Project Execution

Ai Capital has significant experience in financial due diligence for projects and extensive expertise in delivering complex projects on time and on budget. Our in-depth approach to due diligence ensures that all risks are identified, priced and managed appropriately, ensuring the on-going financial viability of the project.Ai Capital offers world-class project delivery capabilities that have been proven in numerous global projects.

Asset Management and On-Going Support

Ai Capital is a long-term investor and developer, thus ensuring continuity of service and management for vital infrastructure projects. Our approach is to actively manage all our investment assets to ensure they continue to meet all financial and operational targets and deliver the planned bene ts. Our long- term investment approach provides stability in the guidance and direction of operating companies that results in a stable and consistent level of service to clients.

Africa investor Capital provides a family of equities and fixed income products and services that support our clients’ investment processes in major asset classes across Africa. Our goal is to leverage our deep understanding of Africa’s financial markets to turn data-driven insights into tools that our clients can use to meet their investment process needs.

Ai Capital runs the Group’s Search Fund, which provides Origination services to Fund Managers, Institutional Investors and Development Finance Institutions seeking investable transactions in Africa.

Africa investor (Ai) Capital, provides the organisations thought leadership through the Ai CEO Briefing Series, which helps business leaders and policy makers, understand the evolution of investing in Africa, to enhance their performance, competitiveness and provide a fact base for decision-making at the continental level.

Ai Skytrain

Ai SKYTRAIN  is a fully Automated, cost effective, high-reliability, high-efficiency, elevated light rail, public mass transit system, that uses air propulsion technology to drive lightweight, high passenger volume vehicles, enfranchising citizen mobility, economic growth and job creation across the African continent.