SCC Nigeria seeks additional US $89.6m for Otukpo Multipurpose Dam Project


SCC Nigeria is currently seeking an additional US $89.6m for the construction of the Otukpo Multipurpose Dam in Benue. According to Sabastine Oteba, SCC Resident Engineer,  the request for the contract review is due to an increase in cost of items.

On the other hand, a project verification team from the Fiscal Responsibility Commission has accused the firm of abandoning work after receiving full payment. According to Samson Eletuo, the Team Leader, less than 35% of the job was complete. This, he said, is despite the firm receiving full payment.

Furthermore, Mr. Eletuo, Deputy Director (Finance) of the commission, said that the US $47.6m was paid to the construction firm in 2014. He expressed surprise at the level of work at the site. According to him, the commission would take further steps to ascertain what happened.

According to reports, the project, which was awarded initial funds in 2010, took off in March 2011. It was also to reach completion within 36 months. The dam is expected to provide a 130-m cubic meters reservoir. This would be inclusive of a 3.3 KV hydro power plant for effective water supply upon completion. Charles Abana, Deputy Team Leader of the verification team, says a careful review of the contract will provide potable water supply and electricity to the immediate community.

Project review

According to Mr. Abana, the initial contract agreement included hydro power, portable water supply, irrigation and the construction of the dam in the project. However, hydro power and water supply are not present in the specification. This is despite the handlers’ request for additional funding in the review. Abana added that they would need a verification on the ground to corroborate with funds collected before the review to take place.

Mr. Oteba acknowledged the removal of the hydro power aspect of the project. Moreover, he explained that they decided to take the project foundation to 11 meters from the agreed 6 meters. He said that the project would involve 2000 hectares of land for irrigation as well as a 13km road. This is in addition to the dam.

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