Liberia to commission new bridge project over the Timo River


The government of Liberia has announced that as per schedule, construction of a new bridge over the Timo River is expected to be fully launched and commissioned on July 15, 2019.

Minister of Public Works Mabutu Vlah Nyenpan who issued the reports, said that construction works on the bridge is on fast progressing paving way construction of for two other bridges, Cestos River Bridge and Sanquan.

New bridge 

Nyenpan recalled that in 2017, the Liberian government entered into contract agreement with Jupiter International, a local company, following the assessment of three major bridges between Buchanan and Greenville, to include bridges on the Timo River, Cestos River and Sanquan for their rehabilitation and eventual replacement.

He said the duration of the contract then was 12 months, while the contract cost for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the three bridges, was put at US $3,245, 609. An initial payment of US $900,000 was made to the contractors on May 2017, under the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration.

Nyenpan said the government decided to resuscitate the 2017 contract despite its term for completion was 12 months, was based on the fact that the current government did not want to see US $900,000 already spent by the past administration go to waste. Under the current administration, the minister pointed out that a sum of US $500,000 was paid to the same contractors in April 2018, followed by US $279,139 in March 2019.

Mr. Nyenpan informed the senators that government has also finalized, not only for the pavement of the corridor between Buchanan and Greenville, but Buchanan to Greenville, Greenville to Sasstown, and Barclayville to Pleebo. He however clarified that the government has not yet accessed finances for those corridors,

The government has to date accessed resources for the pavement of about 96 kilometers of the distance between Grand Kru and Sinoe counties and has also decided to keep the corridor open for the free movement of goods and services.

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