Earmarked roads in Nairobi Kenya to be completed in six months


The government of Kenya has ordered Reynolds Construction Company (RCC), the contractor overseeing construction works of the Missing Link Roads and Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) facilities in Nairobi County, to deliver the project in six months
According to a study conducted by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) the project which was initially set for November 2016 completion faced a number of challenges that pulled back its progress.


Some of the challenges embarked on the project included re-locationing of a singled out high voltage cable, a railway line, a 450 mm diameter water pipe and a sewer at Likoni Road and encroachment of a road reserve at 15A Ring Road Parklands section of Deep Sea.

The study noted that the Deep Sea Slum residents have set up illegitimate structures and they have declined an order to move from the government land. Amnesty International have been defending the people, a possible reason why they are been stubborn.

Eng. Emil Flkiu, Reynolds Construction Company (RCC) however affirmed that the issues have been sorted and are already working on the interchange along the Likoni and Enterprise junction all the way to Jogoo road. He further made a promise to the Nairobi County Development Implementation Coordination Committee members (CDICC) to complete the projects as scheduled.

Additionally, Eng. David Mutuohoro from KURA said the cooperation had compensated affected people in the area. About 60% of the people moved and the reminder has now been joined by immigrants, he however assured that they are getting hold of the situation.

Deputy County Commissioner of Westlands, Ms. Mworoa said that she will have a meeting with, KURA, European Union, Amnesty International and representatives of the Deep Sea residents to find a break through.

“We carried out a census on the slum area and paid money to the population residing in this place to relocate, some moved, others are still here and have been joined by a new group. We still have 647 on the ground and KURA is still trying to find a way out of the situation,” said Ms. Mworoa.

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