Burhani Engineers to deliver Loiyangalani – Suswa transmission line in April

Burhani Engineers to deliver Loiyangalani – Suswa transmission line in April

Burhani Engineers (BEL), a Kenyan engineering company, has reiterated its commitment to deliver the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited’s (KETRACO) 428 km 400 kilovolt (kV) high voltage Loiyangalani – Suswa Transmission Line.

BEL is confident that by April it will have delivered a quality project of the remaining transmission towers erection section well on time. The project involves assembling of the transmission tower sections at the bases, lifting of the sections and bolting to make a full tower. In total they will be 182.

“We shall deliver the project before time,” said Zoher Pirbhai, the Chief Executive Officer of Burhani Engineers. “This is in line with our core corporate values to consistently provide innogrative solutions that deliver value and create positive impact for our people, customers and markets partners,” he added.

The construction of the the 428 km 400 kilovolt (kV) high voltage Loiyangalani – Suswa transmission line is expected to be completed in August 2018 since its commencement in November 2010. BEL was contracted by KETRACO for the completion of a 7km section of the 400 Kilo volts line.

In the past, BEL has worked to deliver  power transmission projects for KETRACO through the Spanish firm Isolux Ingeniera SA in erection of transmission towers and the stringing of 60km stretch. The works have been delivered in an efficient, timely and cost effective way.

This is part of Burhani Engineers’ strategy to provide clients with optimal innogrative electrical solutions spanning integrated disciplines through its EPC electrical and instrumentation engineering  portfolio that has increased from low and high voltage electrical works and civil fit-outs in the public and private sector.

BEL recently acquired a new Hydraulic tensioner fit and Hydraulic puller to expand its stringing works and distribution lines offerings enhancing its expertise and increased demand for solutions in the high voltage electrical sector.

The Hydraulic tensioner is fit to string 1, 2, 3 or 4 conductors. One hydraulic circuit allows to tension at constant force even varying the speed of stringing. It is equipped with engine for pull-back performances and allows for continuous tensioning and logging of tension on the conductor to allow for quality assurance during stinging operations.

On completion, the 428 km 400 kilovolt (kV) transmission will transport the green power generated by the the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project to the national grid at Suswa (near Longonot), via Baragoi, South Horr, Marti, Morijo, Longewan, Rumuruti and Olkalau.

The transmission line will be accessed from the South Horr, Baragoi, Malaral, Rumuruti, Nyahururu, Gilgil and Narok main road. Further, the power transmission substation at the Loiyangalani project site and terminal substation at Suswa will connect to Olkaria for grid-feed in.

The line will serve as a major backbone of Kenya’s transmission system allowing the 300MW LTWP plant and future geothermal power plants to deliver low cost, renewable power to the nation.

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