top story Africa investor calls on Central Banks to partner business on cross-border banking reforms

Africa investor (Ai), a leading international investment and communications group, today co-hosted a Roundtable on Cross-Border Banking in Africa, at the World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, DC. During the Roundtable, Hubert Danso, CEO and Vice Chairman of Africa investor, called on African Central Bank Governors and the Association of African Central Banks to collaborate further on cross-border banking reforms with the private sector. Danso presented a seven-point private sector plan, which included: the creation of optimal currency areas; improving trade facilitation; support for an African ratings agency; improvement of financial inclusiveness; further financing of economic development; facilitating the free movement of capital and skills, and improved policy harmonisation and regulation. The Roundtable was arranged by the Association of African Central Banks; Making Finance Work for Africa; the World Bank Africa Region Financial and Private Sector Development Department, in collaboration with Africa investor.


Pravin Gordhan
Minister of Finance, South Africa, at the Ai CEO Investment Climate Summit 2012
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
Chairperson, AUC, at the Ai CEO Infrastructure Investment Summit 2013
Ed Mathias
Director, Carlyle Group, at the Ai CEO Infrastructure Investment Summit 2013
John Oliphant
Principal Executive Officer, Government Employees Pension Fund