top story Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and global institutional investors to discuss Africa at the New York Stock Exchange

Africa investor (Ai), a leading international investment and communications group, today announced that the Africa investor (Ai) CEO Institutional Investment Summit will convene pension and sovereign wealth funds from across Africa that will engage in a co-investment dialogue with the global institutional investment community at the New York Stock Exchange on the 22nd of September. The 7th Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit, held in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange, billed as the institutional investor community follow-up to the recent President Obama-led US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, will focus on facilitating transactional investment partnerships between select African and US institutional investors, and sovereign wealth and pension funds, to invest in Africa’s fastest growing sectors and capital markets. The transaction-focused Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit will convene Africa investor partners from African and US pension and sovereign wealth funds, as well as leading CEOs from listed companies in Africa to investigate co-investment opportunities. Africa investor Capital will also host a series of one-on-one investor meetings during the Summit. Commenting on the Summit, Hubert Danso, CEO and Vice Chairman of Africa investor, said, "Africa is set to see the highest growth and largest number of sovereign wealth funds emerge from its resource rich nations and that, coupled with the fact that Africa’s six largest pension fund assets are set to exceed US $7 trillion by 2050, holds exciting possibilities for Africa’s capital market development and infrastructure investment growth prospects."


Pravin Gordhan
Minister of Finance, South Africa, at the Ai CEO Investment Climate Summit 2012
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
Chairperson, AUC, at the Ai CEO Infrastructure Investment Summit 2013
Ed Mathias
Director, Carlyle Group, at the Ai CEO Infrastructure Investment Summit 2013
John Oliphant
Principal Executive Officer, Government Employees Pension Fund