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Ai Development Finance-Institutional Investor Roundtable on Africa 2017

12 October 2017

Washington D.C, USA

"Asset owners, principally pension and sovereign funds, allocate less than 1.5% of their assets under management (AUM) to infrastructure development on the continent, whilst Africa is struggling to mobilize private capital for its $50billion plus, per annum infrastructure deficit. The Ai Development Finance-Institutional Investor Roundtable on Africa, will build on Aiís leadership role over the last 5 years, creating product and execution risk reward alignment, between institutional investors, DFIís and Ministers of Finance, to pursue infrastructure co-investments and institutional investor public partnerships (IIPPís)"
Hubert Danso, CEO and Vice Chairman, Africa investor (Ai)

The Ai Development Finance-Institutional Investor Roundtable, is a dialogue platform for DFIís, policy makers and asset owners on investing in Africa.

This Africa investor (Ai) leaders roundtable, will feature an institutional investor public partnershipís (IIPP) dialogue, led by Ministers of Finance, institutional investors and Development Finance leaders, on the products, policies and roles Development Finance Institutions (DFIís) and policy makers can play, to facilitate greater institutional allocations to public and private markets in Africa and African infrastructure as an investable asset class. The Ai Roundtable will be hosted in partnership with the African Development Bank, during the IGD Frontier 100 Forum.

The event is invitation only. To request an invitation, contact:
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