Friday, November 16, 2018

Africa investor Ai is an investment holding platform that aligns its client base of sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices and long-term investors with vetted infrastructure, private equity and technology investment opportunities in Africa.

Ai was founded in 2002 to facilitate investments across Africa and do one thing: be the Pan African specialist advisory service, to assist and advise African project developers access international capital and provide foreign investment and transaction advisory services to African governments, the private sector and global investors. This remains our singular purpose today, underpinned by deep fundamental research, the pursuit of investment insights and continuous innovation, facilitated with over 70 years of industry experience working across every market on the African content.

The Ai Group provides, secure easy to use transaction platforms and investment advisory services, strategic research, investment indices and investment communication services, to support its client’s investment programmes in Africa. Africa investor advises clients from around the globe, acting as a principal investor, in strategic assets on the continent through Ai Capital.

Operating at the intersect of institutional capital, business, development finance and government, Ai has a growing network of clients globally, serviced from London, New York, Singapore with regional hub and affiliate offices in Nairobi, Cairo, Lagos, Accra and Johannesburg.

Ai also benefits from specialist insights and the operational experience of the Ai Advisory Board and Ai Academy Leaders Forums on Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds, Family Offices, Infrastructure Project Development and Emerging Investment Managers.

In today’s fast-paced world, an ever-increasing amount of access to Internet, a wider range of markets and a variety of product offerings, trading is easier than ever before. Africa investor, coupled with our innovative culture, is continuously developing and adding innovative technology driven platforms to assist and facilitate our clients and partners originate and transact across all asset classes and remain informed Africa investors.

Because when all is said and done – Ai INVESTMENT MATTERS

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