Development Finance- Institutional Investor Roundtable on Africa


The Africa Investor (AI) has convened roundtable dialog during the World Bank annual Meetings on the 12th of October 2017, in Washington D.C. at the IGD Frontier. The roundtable featured global and Africa-focussed institutional investors (pension and sovereign funds), DFI heads and African Ministers of Finance, to engage in a dialogue on institutional investment in infrastructure.

In his welcoming remarks, Ai CEO Hubert Danso who chaired the session said: “This roundtable is going to feature a real discussion on institutional investor, public partnerships and the dialog is going to be led by policy makers, institutional investors and development finance leaders. The focus is to try to get ground around products and policies and specifically the role of development finance institutions and how they can facilitate more allocations from global and domestic institutional investors. Not only in Africa, but also African infrastructure as an investible asset class.”

Danso added: “Understanding the opportunities and needs of institutional investors will facilitate the evolution of institutional investor financing of infrastructure projects and builds on Ai’s initiatives and pools of domestic capital, available to recycle and re-finance DFI’s and regional Bank’s infrastructure portfolio’s, and the work of the Ai Emerging Managers Forum, an  African private sector led capacity building and networking platform, to connect African and US asset owners and emerging investment and private equity managers in Africa and the US.”

The speakers highlight the importance and the need for the NEPAD 5% Agenda which was launched recently at NASDAQ. This is a ground-breaking institutional-investor public partnership (IIPP), designed to increase institutional infrastructure allocations, to a minimum of 5% over the next 5 years, from African asset owners, (principally pension, sovereign and insurance funds), to domestic and regional infrastructure investments across the continent

In his opening remarks Symerre Grey-Johnson, Head: Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Division from NEPAD laid solid foundation about the five percent agenda saying one of the key focus of the 5 percent agenda is to reduce and make an impact on the huge figures in terms of the infrastructure gap in Africa and to implement regulatory reforms to allow institutions to invest in this agenda.